What does FHSS have to do with the $10 bill?



The US Treasury department thinks that we need a woman on the $10 bill.  I don’t know why they want to take Old Hamilton off because he was for the central bank in the first place, but this is a tech blog not a political one.

So I nominate Hedley Lamarr! Sorry that’s Hedy Lamarr…

Hedy Lamarr was born in eastern Europe and fled to America during the rise of the Nazis and Facists.  She became a leading woman in Hollywood and is known as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful.  However few know that her intellect rivalled her beauty.

With the help of her Hollywood composer neighbor, George Antheil, she developed Spread Spectrum and Frequency Hopping technologies to thwart the jamming of Allied radio communications by the Axis.  Wifi, CDMA, and Bluetooth are all based on the work he initiated.

Differences between FHSS and DHSS:

  • DHSS has higher throughput than FHSS (as much as ten times)
  • FHSS resists jamming nlike DHSS
  • DHSS is much more efficient in an outdoor environment.
  • FHSS does well indoors as it reacts more efficiently multipath
  • FHSS is more suceptible to narrowband noise than DHSS
  • DHSS combats microwave oven interference  better than FHSS
  • The synchronization of FHSS is a fraction of that used by DHSS
  • DHSS suffers more from the challenges of Near-Far than FHSS