RTLS: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING, but he is helping out too.


Posted by (originally May 20, 2014): John Busso

Real Time Locating Systems are no longer a secret.  For many years now companies like Ekahau, Pango and AeroScout have been selling tags to help track devices that do not have a wireless card to communicate via WiFi (802.11).

Sure tagging an item is great to track it along the supply chain, it is great to tag a heart monitor and retrieve it before it leaves the hospital for the laundry wrapped up in the  bed sheets.  But when your company asks you to wear a badge that tracks you  that is when you become very interested.

First off do not worry.  You can already be tracked by your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

The reality is that this can provide much value in the areas of supply chain, workflow, and shrinkage.  Aruba believes so strongly in RTLS and its ,many uses that it bought the company Meridian:



Industry experts believe that the proliferation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) exciters will accelerate the accuracy and adoption of RTLS technology.  Click here to learn more about how Aruba and RTLS can work together for you.


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